Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer in Buffalo (and other oxymorons*)...

That picture below?  That's pretty much what our weather looked like for an entire week here in Western New York.  
We usually have two seasons here in Buffalo.  Winter and some conglomeration of non-Winter weather.  Spring, Summer and Autumn are all short lived and tend to blend into one another (one day its 50 in May, the next it's 90 - there's no real transition around here).  

And while it seems as though I'm complaining about the somewhat lackluster summer weather around here, I'm really not.  I'm an autumn girl at heart.  Give me jeans, flips and a hoodie and I'm happy.  The only time I really want it to be hot is if I'm sitting at a pool with a drink in my hand.  Other than that, keep it in the low 70s thankyouverymuch.

Who knows what the rest of the summer holds, but if it stay like it was a couple of weeks ago (even a few rainy days), I'll be a happy girl!

*There are no other oxymorons to be found in this post.  You can stop looking.

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Shannon said...

I'm cracking up b/c I was looking for other oxymorons. I'm glad you clarified!