Tuesday, August 5, 2014


So there is an 11 year old girl (soon to be 12 year old in our household).

Hold up.

How did she get to be 11 (soon to be 12)?

Breaaaathhhheee deeeep.

OK.  OK.

So anyway, Madeline is 11 (12 in September).  I, clearly, am not.  However, I find myself busting out several tweenisms on the daily.  You know, like "totes".  Or "totes mcgoats".  I thought I'd take a minute to prepare a little dictionary for you, just in case you aren't familiar with the vernacular of today's youth.

Totes - Totally
Totes McGoats - Like, um really totally
Adorbs - Super cute (see also: Totes Adorbs)
Cray - Crazy
Totes Adorbs - Totally super cute
ZOMG - OMG, only, you know, more so

Just a few words to drop into your convos.

Now go have a totes awesome sauce day! xo

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