Monday, June 16, 2014

Next stop...Prague!

Alternate blog post title: "Is this Europe recap taking longer than the actual trip itself?"

Warning:  Photo heavy post!

OK, so Prague.  Where do I begin?  The journey there was long and tiring (despite only being a 5 ish hour drive), but it was worth it.  Oh man was it worth it.  Prague totally stole my heart and I still dream about it, remembering the places and people.  It was so gorgeous.  Medieval and modern and stunning and colorful.  The Czech Republic knows how to do cities, let me tell you.

I mean, with views like this, how could one go wrong?
The Czechs don't use the Euro, they use the Czech Crown (Koruna), so you get to use their beautiful money (with an exchange rate of 20 Koruna to a USD which makes buying things interesting considering how awesome I am at math).
Cobblestone, cobblestone, everywhere is cobblestone.  And I love it.  I don't know how the beautiful women in their heels and awesome outfits do it day to day (not a pair of yoga pants or kicks in sight).
 Again with the view...
 The Prague Metro is insanely easy to follow.  It has 4 lines.  Four.  Hard to get lost on 4 lines.
Speaking of the metro, we found this sign underground.  Still scratching my head a little on this one...
One of the stations underground.  It wasn't yellow as much as shiny gold.  Loved it.
Even the manholes were pretty.
 Later in the evening we took our exhausted selves (look at our eyes) to the Prague Beer Festival.  Here's a fun fact: The Czech Republic has the most beer consumption per capita in the world.  Take that Germany and Ireland.  The US is #14!  Slackers.
 We saw some pretty amazing churches, random buildings (well, random to me) and just overall amazingness.

 It rained for about 5 minutes, and the rest of the day was glorious.
 These men played the most beautiful music right to the far, far right of the photo above.  The mixture of the music and the view was utterly breathtaking.

Oh and I found this right around the corner from the picture above!

 Hey there smiley...

Oh Prague.  You have my heart.

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