Thursday, June 26, 2014


I have a pretty major crush on Anthony Bourdain.  I love his books (Kitchen Confidential and No Medium Raw) and TV shows (No Reservations and Parts Unknown).  I love how he tells it like it is.  He's not classically handsome, but to me he is.  I never seem to like the pretty boys anyway.

He's brash and smart and sarcastic and funny.  In other words, he's sort of perfect.

He's traveled to places I've been and to places I dream of going (and some I don't ever wish to see).  He's more culinarily adventurous than I ever, ever will be (who can forget the fermented shark in Iceland episode? *barf*).

I look forward to spending every Sunday night with him, and think you might too.  Season 3 just ended and now I need to wait until September for Season 4.   Head over to CNN to check out some episodes.  A few of my favorites are Spain (from Season 2), Lyon (from Season 3) and Congo (from Season 1).

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