Wednesday, June 25, 2014

School's Out...for...summer!

Yes.  It's arrived.  The last day of school.

Madeline had two half days this week and finished on Tuesday, much to her brother's chagrin (he finished with a whole day today).

So now starts the search to keep them occupied.  They have a lot going on in July, but I expect the first "I'm boooooorrreeed" to surface some time tomorrow.

We're lucky that we live, literally, around the corner from a quiet park with a great summer rec program.  That should help.  Friends, bikes, basketball hoop and a big lawn with a swing set and fort will help.  Books, puzzles, games, swimming and crafts.  That will be a good distraction.

I work from home, so I expect a few "hush!" and "shhhhh" to escape my lips.  But they're kids filled with awesome sauce so I know this summer will rock.

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