Monday, June 30, 2014

About a boy...

I sort of need to take a minute to brag.  About a boy.

That boy is my brother.

And I kind of love him, like a lot.

He never reads my blog, but I'm sure the universe is out there telling him to roll his eyes.  Don't worry, that's just me gushing Will.  Your favorite thing.

I was able to see my brother this weekend while he was stateside.  Every time I see him it makes me realize how incredibly lucky I am to have him in my life.  And here is the list of reasons why:

  • He's crazy smart.
  • He gets me.
  • He has a kick ass job that takes him all of the world, a passion we both share.
  • He's an amazing dad.
  • He's fiercely loyal.
  • He's a tough guy, but crazy sweet inside (he'll even tell you that...if you can manage to get close to him).
  • He's like me in that he's very selective with who he lets into his life.  But once he does, you're in.  Unless...unless you wrong him or someone he loves.  Then you're out.  Just like me.
  • Boyfriend likes to shop, and knows how to dress (he literally just texted me a picture of a suit coat saying "Should I buy?"  Hilarious.
  • He and his wife gave us Emma.  The funniest, sweetest little angel baby ever.
  • He's one of the biggest pains in the ass I know.  BUT I love him still.
  • Did I mention he gets me?
I feel like I'm always saying good by to this boy (now in his mid 30's, but he'll always be a boy to me).  It sort of kills me every time.  I just said good bye 3 weeks ago, and I said good bye again yesterday.  *heartbreak*

I love you Will, you big old m&m...

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Shannon said...

Very sweet tribute to your baby brother.