Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crappy Halloween Costumes - a la the 70s...

Who here remembers these craptacular costumes from the 70s?
You know, the ones with the hard plastic face that had 3 (if you were lucky, 5 with 2 nostril holes) slits for your eyes, nose and mouth.  But the plastic was so shitty that it literally cut your eyelids, nose and lips?  And then you had some sweet, flammable garbage bag like thing to throw over yourself, which completed the outfit?
It came in a box like the first photo (smaller than a cereal box) and you just picked it out based on the picture on the box.

I had about 10 of these, and they were all crappy and equally creepy looking.
I thought about these as Maddy and Jack were getting ready for the Halloween Party Saturday with their super cute, comfy, original costumes.

Ah memory lane...it's pretty creepy.

P.S. I totally had the Wonder Woman costume one year...

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