Thursday, October 11, 2012

Instagram Thursday...

You know what day it is.  Let's do this...

This tree was full of green leaves.  Except for this random bunch.
 Merry Christmas!!
 Or wait.  Halloween?
 Even I can't look at this freaky mask any more...
 I just wanted a beer after a long day of making decisions...
 There's nothing a little neon washi tape can't cure.
 Drive, drive.
 Yes.  Yes these are antlers (resin, I didn't hunt an animal down for them).  And yes they are in my bedroom.  And yes I love them, love them, love them.  They fit in perfectly with my white and dark gray bedroom.  It's like Target made them just for me!
 Miss Maddy working on a project for a little person who'll be arriving soon!
 Wallpaper on the Mac.  It is fall you know...
Suffered from a bit of insomnia this past weekend.  It was awe-some.   No.  It wasn't even remotely awesome.
Our resident fashion designer working on her Halloween costume.  Shhh.  It's top secret!!
And this mask has nothing to do with the costume.  Just more Target awesomeness.

One of these days I'll get Jack to slow down long enough for me to take his picture!

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