Monday, September 17, 2012

Major lapse in creativity...

I consider myself to be a pretty crafty gal.  I scrapbook, I photograph, I play with fabric and string.  I dabble in paint.  But for some reason, I have been completely bereft of any creativity in my life lately (short of a friendship bracelet here or there).

I've even been writing "be creative" in my calendar.  It's not working.

I have the supplies (oh man, do I have the supplies).  It's just the gumption to make something.  Anything.

At this very moment I have the following lolling around, in some state of progress:

  1. 2 friendship bracelets
  2. 3 quilts
  3. 1 paint by number
  4. 1 embroidered tea towel
  5. 7 scrapbook pages
  6. 1 mini book
  7. 61 photos to be edited 
I don't know what's up, but I need to get my mojo back...stat.

Oh, I did dye a few shirts use RIT the other day.  Maybe I'll post an update on how that went (surprisingly well actually).

So anyway, watch this space.  There's something creative coming...I just know it!

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