Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Thanks to a few friends of mine who casually mentioned how much they love the show Homeland, I started watching the show on Showtime on Demand.  And then it was Thursday.

For real, I lost two evenings watching that show.  All 12 episodes.  One after the other.  In a word?  Fantastic (I feel like I might you 'amazing' too much, but it was that too!).

It stars Claire Danes (hello?  My So-Called Life anyone???) as a bi-polar CIA agent who's convinced that a POW (played by Damian Lewis, who looks freakishly like my friend Mike) returning home is a terrorist.  You literally spend each episode going, "He's so not a terrorist", "Wait, is he?", "No." "OMG", "Oh, maybe?", "huh?".  I won't give anything away, and quite frankly, I'm as confused as anyone so I really don't have anything TO give away.

Season 2 starts 9.30 and I cannot wait!!

P.S.  Jenni and Diane, you owe me two nights of my life back...

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