Friday, September 14, 2012

Instagram Thursday... the late edition

You guys!!!  How did I forget to post this?!  Ugh. at long last, is this week's Instagram Thursday post!  xo

Pinterest.  'Nuff said.
 J. Crew displays never cease to make me smile.
 I mean, right?!?
 This child and her fashion sense.  Amazed.
 Part 2.
 Someone turned 10 this week!
 And it might have been this one...
 One day I'll fall out of love with washi...
 Became obsessed with this show (watched the entire first season in 2 days, thank Jenni).
 Found some of these little things in the front lawn.  Sort of grossed out, sort of not.
 Started a new book (thanks Diane!).
 Had dinner with a cousin from a far off planet.
 Discovered the beauty in simple things like rings from a glass on a napkin.
 Found it hard to resist this pillow at Target.  So I didn't.
 Got mah nails did. (OPI Black Cherry Chutney for those wondering).
 Felt a little overwhelmed at work and stared at these for a few minutes...

Until next week, when I'll post this ON TIME...


Shannon said...

I love that Mad already has the pose down too!!

My World in Big Pictures said...
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