Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day!

Labor Day has always been a big deal for our family.  Our volunteer fire company has a big three day fair and, as my dad was a member, we were there all three days (plus it was within bike riding distance when I was little, so naturally that's where you'd find me!)!  As I've aged (ever so slightly), the allure is no longer the fair itself, but the beer tent.  It's where you can find people you haven't seen since last year (at the beer tent), and it's just a good time with good music, good people and Labatt's beer (meh).
Me and the brother, about 8 years ago.  Oh my.
From L to R: My sister, me and my friend Kim.  2012.

It's funny how some traditions you had as a child remain as you get older.  I don't go to the fair really (I actually didn't go at all this year, but I did make an appearance at the beer tent (pic above)), but it's always there in my mind.  It marks the end of summer for us, just as some mark the end of summer by going to the beach.  It's our farewell to warm weather, and our welcome to school and cooler weather.

And I can feel my dad when I'm there.  He worked at the beer tent for I can't even tell you how many years and there's something comforting about spending time with my friends in the area he spent so much time during these weekends.

So good bye summer!  Until 2013!

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