Monday, September 10, 2012


Two of my favorite people share a birthday.  My dad and my Madeline.  Maddy always says she was 'Papa's best birthday present ever!' and she's right.  My dad loved this little girl beyond measure.  The bond they shared was like something I've never seen, and I'm so blessed to have witnessed their love.  When my dad was sick and we knew it was the near the end, Madeline climbed up into his hospital bed and whispered to her Papa that she'd feed the birds for him.  It was something they always did together, and this little four year old wanted him to know that she'd take care of business for him when he was gone.

We've kept my dad's memory alive by speaking of him often, sharing stories and memories with Jack and Emma.  Jack was almost one when my dad died and Emma was still in Meagan's tummy.  I wish so badly that they had the relationship with my dad that Madeline had.

Madeline turned 10 yesterday.  Ten.  TEN!  She is an amazing girl.  Beautiful on the inside and out.  Still the pickiest eater I know.  Loves fashion and style and could spend hours and hours reading.  She's made amazing friends and has maintained those friendships over the years.  I love that about her.  I love everything about her.

Happy birthday dad.
Happy birthday Madeline.

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