Thursday, September 6, 2012

Instagram Thursday - End of Summer Edition

Here's what happened in the last week in Instagram pictures...

Good morning pretty!
 Instagram inspired project.
 Loving the prints on children's clothes. 
 And the details!
Love the packaging of this! I'm such a sucker for a good package!
 Project (#3?) 
 You should know that buns are back...
 Car wash.
 The things you find while cleaning your closet.
 Land of Nod fort - what I wouldn't give as a child to have a space like this! 
 Fall catalogs.
 And fall flowers! 
 Project #4...
 Mad's incredibly bright pants (this photo does not do them justice). 
 Project # I've lost count...
 6 year old birthday party attire.  #swag
All roads lead to Target.
 A project completed!!!
 I like to match my accessories to my outdoor surroundings... 
 A little Circus Boy Hefeweizen for the win. 
 Andy Warhol soup cans (at Target, naturally). 
 I hope they teach her to tone it down a little.  #loudtalker 
Until next week!  xo

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