Friday, August 31, 2012

Tonsillectomies run in my family...

My sweet little bird of a niece, Emma Ding Dong (not her real name) had her tonsils removed yesterday.  Apparently if you're a child in our family you'll need to get rid of that useless appendage that hangs in the back of your throat sooner or later.  Madeline, Jack and now Emma are all tonsil-less (as are my sister and brother).
She was such a brave little girl.  No tears going in, she let them poke and prod and ask a million questions (any wiggly teeth?  when is your birthday Emma?).  There's something about a little peanut in a hospital gown and BP cuff the size of a watch that makes me tear up a little.  But I held it together, I'm such a weepy wimp.  And I was so proud of that little girl. 

Once the surgery was over she was teary in recovery, but did everything they told her to do.  Swallow the ice chips, take a drink, swallow this medicine (as anyone who's ever had or known someone who's had a tonsillectomy knows, swallowing is key!).

Once home she snuggled with the quilt I made her (sadly it's become a tradition that I make all of the little ones a quilt when they have this surgery) and the sweet gifts from family and took a nap.  She was so lovey today.  She's such a little pip, I loved getting a little snuggle time with her.  She's usually so busy she doesn't have to lay and relax and hug it out.

Emma, I am so proud of you.  You were so very brave and strong and I could not love you more my little bird.  xo

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