Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School...

Ack!  The first day of school!  Jack's now a 1st grader (and an awesome one at that!) and Mad's a 5th grader (or as she said "at the top of the elementary school food chain")!  This summer flew by and while I'm happy to have a quiet house again, it's a little bittersweet not having them in the house while I work.  It's hard to see them grow up, but amazing all the same.
The backpacks weighed about 550 pounds each (as is the norm for the first day of school),  with Jack nearly tipping over about 3 times this morning.  The amount of stuff they have to haul the first day is insane (keep in mind there were a few bags that were carried on the side, in addition to the copious amount of pencils in the backpacks).
Jack has an amazing teacher and Madeline has a new teacher, so an unknown there.  She's heard good things though (through the 4th/5th grade grapevine apparently), so she's thrilled.
These kids are so shy.  It's sad really...

And as is the norm, their bus never showed up.  It never shows up.  Ever.  Sort of anticlimactic while sitting out waiting for the bus that never arrives.  So in the car they go, off to a new year of adventures. I can't wait to see who they become this year.


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Shannon said...

Top of the elementary food chain? Bahahaha, that little lady cracks me up.

<3 both of them!