Thursday, August 30, 2012

Instagram Thursday

One week until school.  The last week of summer.  Let's see what we've got to close out this hot, muggy summer in the form of some awesome iPhone pics.

Don't ask...
 I'm getting in the mood for plaid and flannel and denim.
 Creepy dolls.
 Antique awesomeness.  The blue!!!!!??!?!
 More antiques...
 This library cabinet was amaz-ing.
 Teeny, tiny flour container.
The days are getting cooler (with the exception of this past weekend).  There's much more sitting outside happening around here.
Another little goodie I found for Miss Madeline.  Too bad I dropped out at the Brownie level...
 Love this shirt.  J.Crew just cannot do any wrong.
 Friday night at the baseball field.
 With peanuts, of course...
 The brother made me try mussels.  They were actually yum!
 Tootsies.  OPI's Suzy Skis in the Pyrenees.  One of my go to colors.
 Emma's lunch.
Have a great weekend!

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