Thursday, August 16, 2012

Instagram Thursday...

Well, what do you know...  Here we are again.  This is becoming a thing.

Woke up to this one morning.  Apparently my OCD is rubbing off on Madeline (sorry kid).
 An ama-zing day here in sunny Western New York.
 Baby topknot (you know how I love a good topknot)!
 The perfect orange sherbet nail polish.
 Cotton candy hands.
 Baby polar bear (or maybe she was a teen?).
 Captain Jack.
 Sweet graffitied bikes down at the harbor.
 Post platelet snack.
 New book.  Loving it.
 My crappy magazine delivery courtesy of the USPS.
 New nails (Essie's Smokin' Hot).
 A much needed night out.
A much needed make up removal, post night out.
 My brother is home from Europe.  This is where he took me...
Trust me, he's a much better shot than I am.  This shouldn't be surprising considering I'd never shot a gun before today.  And I have the shoulder bruise to prove it.
Until next week, sweet friends! xo

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