Friday, August 17, 2012

Someone did something she's never done before...

OK, so my brother is here from Europe for a few weeks.  We were hanging out on Sunday and we were kind of bored, so I said, "let's do something fun!".  Now, something fun to my brother, and something fun to me?  Different animals.

This is where I ended up spending my afternoon...
Yah.  A shooting range.  I've never, ever in my life even held a real gun.  Not once (which blew my brother's mind).  So there we were, standing in our ear and eye gear, my brother teaching me how to load a clip, how to switch the safety, aim, fire.  I jumped every time someone fired.  every.single.time.  We shared a target.  My shots?  They're the ones not on the target.  Truth be told I did get a few shots on the target, but nothing like Mr. Man.
 He knows what he's doing and you can tell.
Me?  Clearly a spaz.  That's why there's no photo of me shooting.  Because no one can see the look on my face when I fired that first shot.  I don't even think the word 'contorted' does it justice.

Now I'm not going to head out and buy a gun.  Clearly it's not something that comes naturally to me.  But I have to tell you, I had fun!  I really did!  I thought you fired a gun, blah blah.  But it's very powerful.  Very loud.  The rifle is heavy and pushes back at you when you fire.  My brother prepared me, but I had no idea.  Did I mention it was loud?

Thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone buddy.  We may just have to go do that again...

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