Thursday, July 26, 2012

Instagram Thursday!

Here we go, another week of awesomely awesome pictures I took (oh yeah!)!
 Gold pinky nail (it's Essie's Good as Gold and it's awe-some).
 Hefeweizen in a Guinness glass.  Whatever.
 Pink, chipped mani.  I got a good 22 hours out of it.
 Dear orange file cabinet, you complete me.
 Getting crafty.  Watch this space.
 I wear my sunglasses at night in stores (without realizing it and then looking like a tool until I walk down the mirror aisle...).
 Mad's tootsies.
 This girl is sunburned and it hurts to wear things on her shoulders (like, you know, bras).
 The hair on this kid...
 Neon baby clothes at 77 kids.  Swoon.
This scarf actually called to me.  It yelled my name and said "buy me Jenny!!  take me home!!", so I did.  I'm nothing if not charitable.

Until next week! xo

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