Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friendship bracelets

Oh year.  Welcome back to 1980 friends.  I'm all over friendship bracelets (or hoarding embroidery thread, one or the other).  The kids love it too.  We sit around and go through my incredibly large collection of thread and chose bracelets we want to make for one another (and our friends...duh, they're
friendship bracelets!!).

 Dudes, this is only a portion of what we're working with...
And it's not just me...look what came in the mail the other day!  Damn I'm on trend!  Of course, mine look like a second grader did them, no crazy designs or embellishments like you see below.  But give me time.  I'll get there.  So give it a shot.  It's a super cheap craft (the thread is ~ $0.30 a piece, and you can get several bracelets from each bundle of thread).
P.S.  If you like to craft or create you MUST get this magazine.  It's a UK mag, but you can get it at Barnes & Noble.  A-maz-ing.

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Shannon said...

fun and trendy. w00t.