Friday, July 27, 2012


This girl right here?  She has 20/20 vision.  Yeah.  I had 20/400 vision (is that even possible?!?).  So it looks like Lasik works!  Ha!  I had my final appointment this week to check on my healing and current vision from the surgery and the results were perfect (literally).  I still push my glasses up on my nose now and then (and there are no glasses there) and I look for my glasses the first thing when I wake up, but it'll take more than 2 months to get rid of over 30 years of those habits!  So happy to see!!!!


Michele Johnson said...

I have 20/800! I can't decide if I should have the surgery done next year or not. Decisions, decisions!


Jenny said...

Michele - I would highly recommend it. The difference between glasses and no glasses is so amazing.