Monday, July 2, 2012

Beach day!

We took a day last week to spend the day at the beach.  We headed to Sherkston in Canada, it's just so pretty there.  The kids had a blast, and someone had an extra special day (see end of post)!  Pictures mostly today, I think they say it all...
 Oh Canada!
 Little girls spending the day at the beach...brings back major memories!
 Not a bad view after a day in the sand.
 Beach feet.
 Headed back to the house.  Thankful for friends with houses on the water!
 I loved this curling wood.  It's so organically pretty!
 *sigh*  I mean really?
 I fell in love with this tree and the view.  Yeah.  This is Canada...

And someone lost his very first tooth!  Across US borders nonetheless!  Don't worry, the tooth fairy found him!
 That's one happy boy!!
We'll be headed back very soon Sherkston.  Thanks for an amazing day!

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