Friday, June 29, 2012

La petite artiste!

Oh Miss Madeline.  I'm kind of over the moon about this little one's latest achievement.  About 8 years ago there was a little boy who lost his battle with Leukemia.  The school wanted to find a way to honor him and, given his love of art, the solution was easy.  They created an art gallery in the main hall of the school.  Each year, they select several pieces of art.  The art is then reviewed by a committee of parents and teachers and two pieces are selected (one from grades K-2, one from grades 3-5).  These pieces are framed and hung in the school for eternity.  Yes, I said eternity (it's called dramatic effect).

So anyway, the last day of school is Awards Day.  This is the day when the students get awards for excellence in Phys. Ed, Music, Attendance and Art.  This award is last.  The very last one.  What the principal says is 'the most important award of the year'.  Yeah.

Well guess who had her art selected.  I didn't really craft this very well, did I.  Obviously it's Madeline.  But STILL!  You guys, it was so cool!  Madeline had no idea (it's kept a secret until the art is revealed at the assembly), and was actually so upset that her art teacher 'lost' her artwork (obviously it wasn't lost, he had to have it framed).
Note:  The other little girl does not have a button face, I just didn't want to post her face without her parent's permission.  As I don't know her parents, that makes that task impossible.  

FINALLY, it was time for the award (you guys, it was like a 2 hour long ceremony...).   I had my eye trained on Maddy the whole time.  When they announced her name it was priceless. She had that smirk that I love, all of her friends were high fiving her, slapping her back.  It was awesome.

Congrats little one.  You're kind of amazing.


Anonymous said...

Yay, Maddy! Love, Olivia <3

Anonymous said...

Do you think her Sunday School teacher had anything to do with her amazingness?