Friday, June 22, 2012

Pain in the ponytail...

Ugh. I wear my hair up almost exclusively. I have a few pet peeves when it comes to my hair. And here they are:
1. Flyaways at the nape of my neck and around my ears (I call these 'wings').
2. This one drives Madeline insane (on her hair, to the point where the ponytail/bun/braid has to be redone until fixed)...bumps in the hair. You pull your hair back, nice and tight, and then you see it...a bump. A bubble. Not cool hair. Not cool.
3. The hair headache. How hair can hurt I don't know, but oh my Lord my hair hurts after a day in a ballerina bun.
The solutions seem obvious. Wear my hair down (it gets in the way, that's really a "I'm visiting a client or going out" option, cut it short (my hair is way too curly for that). No. I'll keep it long and wear it up.
And I'll try not to complain about it! :-)
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