Monday, June 25, 2012

London Calling

We're headed to London in the spring (we were going to go this summer, but I forgot about the thanks) and the kids are telling me daily the things they want to do and see while we're there.  Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square...  We'll be busy for sure.  I'll be renting an apartment like I did when we went to Rome.  It's just so much more convenient than a hotel, and you really feel more connected to the city I think.

I went to London for the first time when I turned 30 with my sister. We had the time of our lives.  Truly one of the best times ever.  I've been a few times since, on my way to India back and forth, and I love it whether I'm there for a week of 14 hours.

We'll take the train to Paris for a couple of days (you know, because Jack's never been there (and he's six...the horror of it all) and we'll meet my brother while we're there.

Now if only we didn't need to wait 9 months to get there!!

P.S.  Madeline made this Union Jack when Will and Kate were married last year.  Such an Anglophile, that one!

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