Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram Thursday

Wheeee!  Isn't this getting fun!?! guys, they were a-mazing.
 Plantar fasciitis is awesomely not awesome.
 Card love.
 Race day!
 Same day as recital day...
Beautiful beauty...ugh, she's too pretty.
Of course in this case the only pretty one is the birthday girl...

 Desperately needed on a daily basis.
 Mint green stripes and a gold heart...forever 21 awesomeness.
 A 9 year old who properly uses the word 'ratified'?  Yes, please.
Speaking of 9 year olds, they had the talk last week.  Look how happy the girls on the book are!  Aren't you always that happy?  I know I am! #lies

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