Friday, November 19, 2010

Homeward Bound

Headed home today after a week on the road.  Oh I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and see the itty bitties!  I mean - a tooth was lost while I was gone!  Wah.
I have a 7+ hour car ride ahead of me and I'll have my notepad by my side for sure.  As much as I really can't stand the drive, I find it to be incredibly productive for me, thought-wise.  When I get to my destination I typically have a few pages of scribbled random notes that I later synthesize and either toss or follow through on.

So after I grab my giant cup of coffee I'll be off.  Have a great Friday!

Check out the blog next week for my Winter Wonderland Series!  I decorated the house before I left (I couldn't wait - I told you I couldn't!!) and I'll be sharing pics next week!  Christmas!  Weeee!

P.S.  Keep up the prayers for baby Scarlette!  Her mama updates her status daily on her blog (click on the Daily Scarlette section to the left for Scarlette only info).  Check it out! xo

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