Sunday, November 21, 2010

Google search

I always find it so random when I draw a huge number of hits in a day (like 250+ or something crazy for a teeny blog like mine) from a google search.    I look at the key word searches and I'm like, 'huh?'.   I had a lot of visitors from Indonesia the other day when I wrote about being 'homeward bound'.  Big Simon & Garfunkel fans maybe?

I love all of my visitors, but I really write this blog for the sanity of my friends and family.  Because if I didn't, everyone I know would have to listen to me blather on about the nonsense I think about.  So thank you readers - you're kind of awesome to stop by so often!

On a totally random note, I found a really pretty nail polish color today.  It's called Orchid by Revlon (and I saved a dollar at Walgreens when the cashier fronted me a coupon - score!).  This is really a tootsie polish for me, but I already have a great toe polish on right now (Don't Toy with me by OPI - my fave, fave, fave) so I put some on my fingernails so you could see (and of course, since I'm too lazy to bust out the camera I've taken a pic on my Mac with no light so it's really dark and not that clear).
It's a shimmery purpley-pink and very pretty.

First fire of the year is in the fireplace and I'm loving it!  Pictures of the Christmas decorations starting tomorrow!  Wahoo!

Here's to a short week everyone!  Weee!

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