Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AM Anxiety

I wake up every morning anxious.  It's just in my nature I think.  Every morning since I can remember I wake up with my mind racing through the 198 things I have to get done that day.  Business calls, emails waiting anxiously to be answered while I slept, laundry, grocery shopping, personal correspondence, etc.  None of this is overwhelming on its own.  None of it is overwhelming bundled together actually.  It's just during those first moments from sleep to awake that they bombard and ridicule me.

"You'll never get all of this done."
"Look at what you could have been doing while you were sleeping!"
"You're pretty worthless when it comes to getting things done."

See?  They're nasty little thoughts.

But truly, I do tend to set myself up first thing in the morning by feeling overwhelmed.

By the time I take a shower and get dressed I'm fine.

Anybody else get this way?  If so (other than meds), how do you make yourself wake up pleasantly?  Seriously looking for tips here.  Help a sister out.


emma*lucia*07 said...

I am the opposite I lay there trying to fall asleep thinking of the ten million things I should have done during the day and the ten million things I can do tomorrow... but wake up totally clear headed... its a pain cause I feel so productive when I'm falling asleep and wake up thinking "eh, all of that stuff can wait...." So of course I am No help....

Jenny said...

At least you know where I'm coming from. That's a help in and of itself (to know I'm not a psycho...or AM I?).
Miss you!

Meagan's Mom said...

Ehhh...okay don't hate me, but I've got the best parts of both of you. I fall asleep happy with what I accomplished, excited about all the things I need to do the next day, and wake up eager to get started. If I ever become incapacitated I swear I'll be the most ornery witch on earth. It won't be pretty!

erin said...

OK, so I typically visit here to enjoy Jenny Time like a good TV show but I have to add my suggestion for you given to me by someone I dated years ago... (unimportant fyi), He said to me, "When you wake, think of all the things you do not need to do today." However that may translate to you- try it!