Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home (almost)

The past few months have been insane.  New house, vacation across the ocean, end of school, work, party, house guests.  And all of it has been wonderful.  Truly wonderful.

Now it's time to finally settle into this wonderful house I now call home.  Little things need to be done.  The halls need to be painted, floorboards too.  New railings for the staircases, new floor for the laundry room, tile backsplash for the kitchen.  Then there are the things that will happen in the spring.  Central air installation, new floors for living and dining rooms.  But its coming together nicely.

I finally found the area rug for the dining room, something for the front door, a cute sign for the laundry room.  These little things make me happy and feel like progress to me, albeit tiny steps of progress.

I guess my point is - for months I've been saying that I haven't really felt "at home" in this house.  It's just been crazy and hectic and ugh.  But now, for some reason, I feel at home.

And it feels nice.

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Jennifer said...

please send me a pic of your laundry sign...seriously...I've been looking for over a yaer. my mom finally "surprised" me with one and let's just say, it's a laundry sign that matches NOTHING in my house..NOTHING