Saturday, March 6, 2010

Further evidence that I'm an idiot

I was in the Target parking lot walking to my car yesterday and I got a pain in my left foot.  It stopped me in my tracks, but then I just got in my car and left.

Fast forward to this morning, when I'm driving to Maddy's cheerleading thing with my sister.  "My foot hurts" I said.   Later I took off my shoe and looked inside.  There was a little hole in my shoe where my foot hurt.  Hmm.  I felt my sock, nothing in my sock.  Nothing in my shoe.  But it still hurt.  I took my sock off and I had a hole in my foot.  Hmm.  My sister looks at my foot, looks at my shoe, turns it over and find a rusty nail poking through the sole of my sneaker exactly where I'm experiencing pain.  And there's blood in my shoe around the hole that the nail made.  What a coincidence!!!

I've apparently been walking around with a sharp nail poking through my shoe, continually poking me with each step I took.

I'm an idiot.


Petite G. said...

I hope you don't lose more of your foot again. At least this time it's not because of me and the the Fox Trot Marina. LOL! Go get a tetnus girl. Why is Jen always smiling? I think it's because her jaw is locked that way. Well, it could be worse I guess. You could be making your O face instead...:)

Petite G. said...

I meant Fox Fire Marina not the Dancing With the Stars one. I doubt they would have had rusty nails there.