Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

Well my little tator tots, I'm trying to be positive about this whole weekend. You know, find the good in it all. Still searching but I'm trying to change my outlook (which isn't exactly easy considering the topic, but at least I'm trying).

Today was great. Despite the fact that I was working on 2 hours of (not so quality) sleep, I had a great time volunteering as a Route Guide with my mom, sister and niece for the Ride for Roswell event. Just seeing the thousands of riders (on 33, 44 and 62 mile routes), all with smiles on their faces made my day. AND there was a bag piper on our route, which may seem like a 'whatever' BUT my father LOVED the bagpipes, (my sister even arranged for one at her wedding for my dad). It's so freakin' weird you guys but my dad seriously shows up in spirit all over. It was amazing. I'm so proud. AND the race raised $2.2 Million dollars! Did I say I was proud? :-)

I have allergies from hell (STILL) resulting in a constant ear ache and sore throat with a lingering headache. I may make an appointment to the dr. next week as this is ridiculous. A week straight of no sleep and the above symptoms make for a very unhappy Jenny.

Love you all my blog readers - do something you love this weekend - make it count! xo

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