Friday, October 31, 2014


As I sit here, dishing out candy to cute little kiddos, wearing some sweet Day of the Dead face tattoo art, I thought I'd drop a line about my dad on my long neglected blargh.  (Over a month Jen, really?)

I miss it though.  The blogging.  I think I needed the break.  And now I'm back (?).  Ish.  Who knows.
Anyway, this is about my dad.

My dad passed away on Halloween 8 years ago.  Eight years.  Impossible.  But so real.
Dad with the lamb chops and me with the curly piggies...

I wish you could have known him (and if you did know him, how awesome was he?!?!).  He was smart as a whip, funny, stubborn, loving and just plain awesome.  So loyal.  Not a man of many words, but if he loved you, you knew it.  You just knew.

Oh dad, I miss you.  A lot.  I have a big old bag of black licorice here in honor of you (that no one seems to be choosing...maybe because it's disgusting?) and a smile on my face as I know you're having a grand old time up there in heaven.  Say hi to everyone for me and behave.

I love you.  Always have.  Always will.

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