Tuesday, August 27, 2013


photo credit: Jana Laurene (I wish my to do list was this pretty)

No, not the kind that actually mean anything.  I'm talking about the sense of accomplishment I get when I cross meaningless, and some meaningful tasks off of my to do list.  Things such as:

Scheduling Eye Exam, Mammogram and teeth cleaning.

Actually GOING to said appointments.

Going to post office to mail a package to my brother.

Looking for something in my closet that I (still) can't find.

Making my blog post schedule (and only sticking to it 50% of the time).

They're all nothing things really (well, the dr. appointments are kind of important, and my brother would argue that receiving his package is really important) but you get my drift.

For some reason when I cross that item off of my list I feel so good.  I'm a list maker.  I always have been, ever since childhood.  I'm a color coding, list making, journal keeping fool.  My lists are neat and organized, never just random notes on a piece of paper or receipt I found in my car.  Shocked, right?  Ha ha, anyone who knows me, isn't.

Here's to a great week of crossing crap off of that list!  Huzzah!

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