Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Europe Part Deux

Here we go, part 2!

Monday morning we took the Eurostar from the St. Pancras Station in London, through the English Channel Tunnel into the Gare Nord in Paris.  Again, hotel -> clothes change -> out the door.

First stop, the Louvre.  We didn't go in, I've been there a few times and it's an all day thing (actually we were told by our boat tour guide the next day that if you spent 5 seconds at each work of art at the Louvre it would take you two months (using all 24 hours in a day) to see it all.  We didn't have that kind of time.).
From the Louvre we headed through the Tuileries, one of my favorite places in Paris.  The picture below?  I've taken that picture 3 times, during 3 separate trips.  It's becoming a thing now!

We grabbed a much needed meal at Café Diane in the Tuileries.  Mad and Jack had crepes and from that moment on, Jack was hooked on crêpes avec beurre et sucre (crepes with butter and sugar).
Then, after a few metro stops, the moment Jack has been waiting for his whole life.  Seven. Whole. Years (give or take the few where he had no idea what it was...).  The Eiffel Tower.

 Ham salad.

After a visit to the Trocadero we headed out to dinner then called it a night (that's what happens when you eat dinner at 10pm).

We woke up the next day and had breakfast outside.  Paris is always eating outside.  Rain, hot, cold.  Outside.

The next day we decided on a boat tour on the Seine.  Perfect decision as it was a beautiful day (every day of our trip was, in fact, perfect weather-wise).

A long, slow trip down the river was the perfect fix for the go-go-go we'd been operating under the previous week.

Then we headed to the Conciergerie, a medieval prison where Marie Antoinette spent her final days.
 Then.  Lunch.  Outdoor cafe.  I mean, we're in Paris!!!!
 A little shopping...
 Then a little time relaxing at the Palais et Jardins du Luxembourg.

 Then (I'm getting tired all over again...) Sacre Coeur and Montmartre.

I noted in my Instagram account that this was the first place I visited when my husband and I first visited Paris over 15 years ago.  Still amazing.
 Then, our last metro trip, back to the hotel.
 Et c'est tout!

I'm exhausted all over again...

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Shannon said...

That picture of you and Mad in front of the tower is breathless! LOVE!