Monday, May 13, 2013

Europe - Part 1

To begin, let me just say this is not a 27 part series.  No.  I'll sum up our vacation in 2 posts.  Count em',  2.  Part one is all London.  Part two - Paris.

We arrived in London Thursday morning, headed to the hotel for a shower and clothing change and headed right out!  Our hotel was right around the corner from Big Ben, Parliament, and The London Eye so it was a quick walk to our first stop!

A few minutes down the road we found St. James' Park, and it was in full bloom.  My garden totally looks like this.  For real.

A little more walking took us to Buckingham Palace.  We didn't see the Queen, William, Kate or Harry (who was in the US while we were in London...really Harry!?!?!).  They were all "busy".

 Even the cabs are cooler!!

 The next day we headed out to The National Museum of History (after a delicious pub lunch of fish n' chips).  The museum was incredible (the pic below was taken inside the museum).
After the museum we headed to Harrods's for a little shopping and an afternoon snack.
Once we finished there we headed to London Tower and Tower Bridge.  In case you're wondering where it is, we pointed it out for you...

Then we did a quick What Maddy Wore photo shoot (post to come this Wednesday, back on schedule)!
On Saturday we decided to take a train to Windsor to visit the town and castle (the Queen's favorite castle apparently - because she has so many ya know...).

Sunday we headed to Covent Garden and while Sherri, my mom and Maddy shopped, Jack and I chilled and watched some street performers.

Then we all headed to Kensington Palace where Madeline was made a Master of the Dance, and Jack a Yeoman of the Guard (after each passing 3 tests a piece).


P.S.  All photos are unedited - I'm too tired and lazy at the moment but you get the gist of what we did minus the crappy photos.

P.P.S.  Here's a gift for reading the whole post...a post card from Jack.

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Shannon said...

Oh - you guys look so happy! What a gorgeous family in a gorgeous city in a gorgeous country. Pure awesomeness!