Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hockey Fan...

This little man has become quite the hockey fan.  Like, big time.  As in, that's all he watches, plays, thinks about, talks about, etc., etc. ad nauseum.
I've taken him to a few Sabres games and he's just the funniest little guy to watch.  I must have heard "I TOTALLY could have made that shot!" about 15 times.  And see that jersey?  Yeah.  It's signed by evcery. single. player on the team.  Thanks delayed season and grateful players for signing this little man's jersey during an open practice.
He's playing floor hockey at the Y now, that in addition to the countless hours spent playing in our family room and driveway.  This little one is all about a sport he could have cared less about last year.  And I kind of love it.
So be sure to watch this space for more hockey news from the Sabres littlest, biggest fan!  

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Shannon said...

That makes him a real Buffalo boy. Love of sports teams that make us go gray at an early age. :)