Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yes, this is a rant...

It's not often that I hop up on my soapbox, but here I am.  Up high and talking to you.  Well, probably not you, but a bunch of people out there.  The pajama shoppers.  You've seen them, cruising around the store in their plaid flannel pajama bottoms acting like it's no big thing.

Well I have news for you.  You're not fooling anyone!  I KNOW THEY'RE PJs!!!

I'm a pretty casual gal.  My niece once told me I dressed like a gym teacher due to my love of yoga pants and hoodies.  I'm not saying I don't often hit Target in the aforementioned yoga/hoodie combo.  But I would never - ever - wear PJs to a store.  It just wouldn't even cross my mind.
Have I ever dropped off the kids at school while still in PJs?  Maybe.  Once.  Swung through a Tim Horton's before I was fully awake and showered?  Possibly.  But you wouldn't catch me dead picking up some groceries in Wegmans.

To me it signals a complete lack of self respect.  If you're too busy to put an actual pair of pants on (yoga or otherwise), have you taken the time to brush your teeth?  Wash your clothes?  Are those the same PJ pants you've been wearing for days.  Ick.  It just grosses me out.

And then I go to that place where I feel like a bad person for judging.  Like maybe they don't have them money for real pants.  But...why are you at Target buying stupid things in your PJ pants.  So that's just me trying to give people the benefit of the doubt.

It used to be younger people.  Teenage girls and college kids.  Now I see full grown adults with children (the other day the little one (let's say he was 6) was also in PJ pants, of course).  Again, why?

So there it is.  It's off my chest.  The next time I see an adult shopping in fuzzy unicorn PJ pants I'll just take a deep breath, smile and keep on pushing my cart.


Shannon said...

What if you sleep in yoga pants and then go grocery shopping in the same yoga pants (with brushed teeth of course)...because I have done that more times than I'd like to admit. :(

Jenny said...

Since you brushed your teeth I'm going to give you a pass. And what I don't know, doesn't hurt me. I'd have no idea you were wearing PJs as they don't LOOK like PJs! :) xo