Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Fashion Roundup...

First can I just say that I love Jennifer Lawrence?  I've loved her in everything she's done.  And I love that she was so human when accepting her Oscar.  Poor thing tripped and totally owned it.  Love her.

And as for fashion, she nailed it.  Hair, jewelry, dress.  Perfection.  I loved the architecture of the gown.  It's a ball gown but structured.  So amazing.  It's been a long awards season.  I bet she just wants a hamburger at this point. 
Some of my other faves of the night included Jessica Chastain (love her too), Amy Adams (loved the dove grey and ruffles), Jen Garner (again with the ruffles, loved the color and hair and jewelry) and Samantha Barks (loved how simple it was - the plunging neckline, necklace, hair up).
I'm pretty proud to say that I actually saw 4 of the Best Film nominations this year.  I usually have seen zero.  So, yay me.  I deserve an Oscar!

Get ready, tomorrow's What Maddy Wore is coming up tomorrow!  Weeee!

Photo credits: Getty Images/Jason Merritt

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