Thursday, December 6, 2012

Instagram Thursday...

After a couple of days with picture-less posts (I'm sorry!!), here's a whole slew of 'em for you!

Oh yeah, wrapping's happening...
Received some happy mail the other day from a fellow blogger!
 And the Christmas cards are out!!
We're back and forth between snow and breezy 60 degree days.
 Mr. Chris and his daily shenanigans.
 Stocking stuffer.
Crazy hats make for warm heads.
Plow stake.
Gifts for some littles I know!
 Taking an afternoon to watch some holiday theater.
Again with the shenanigans...
 I did mention breezy 60 degree days right?
This girl and her bed full of 'stuffies'.  If only I had captured the menagerie in all it's glory...
White chocolate mocha?  Sure.
Have a great day everyone! xo

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