Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19th...

Yes.  Yes I know.  It's only November 19th.  BUT in my defense, Thanksgiving is this week.

It started as a poinsettia here, a pine cone there.  And ended up with this.  A full blown decorated living room.

I love the modernness of a white tree, decorated in classic Christmas colors.
I made this little fabric banner for the fire place and I kind of love it.  It couldn't have been easier and all it took was 1/2 a yard of 4 fabrics and some ribbon and scissors.
And, again in my defense, I haven't touched the rest of the house.  The giant tree goes up this week (Wednesday to be specific, so we can come home to the decorated tree after Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house), so I haven't gone all out.

But Wednesday?  Watch out!!  It's going to look like Christmas threw up in here (in the most tasteful, jolly way!)!

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