Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Maturity in decorating...

I was looking around my house the other day and I said "Good job you.  You've made this house a home".

I feel, that at long last, I've come into my own when it comes to decorating the spaces around me.  I spent years trying to find my style.  Trust me, I have an attic full of past "great ideas" to prove it.  But what I've come to know is that my style is ecclectic.  Comfortable.  Things don't need to match or 'go together'.  But they feel like a home.  Because they're pieces that were purchased because they were loved.  Loved regardless of where they would go.  They find a place on their own in your home if you love them.

Our home is now full of treasures collected from our adventures around the world.  Homemade blankets created with love in every stich, every knit and purl.  Baskets full of toys and books.

I've found myself drawn to this polar mix of black and white and color.  I often pair both in a room and I love the impact they both have against one another. 

I'm loving older pieces and newer pieces mixed together.  Painted, worn wood.  Mid-century modern mixed with mid-century French.

And because I'm writing this while I'm sick in bed (day 3), I didn't have a chance to take pictures around my home.  So Pinterest to the rescue!  While these pics are way better than what I have going on, they reflect a style I've come to love.
 Source: Zilverblauw
 Source: Ellen's Album
 Source: Apartment Therapy
Source: My Favorite and My Best

What about you?  How has your home style evolved?

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sandi smith said...

I love the way you dec. your home. I just wish I could take a few things to my home. Feel better.
love mom