Thursday, November 1, 2012

Instagram Thursday!

It's the Halloween edition of Instagram Thursday (with a little non-Halloween thrown in for good measure)!
Our own little Marcel Marceau. Only way cuter.
  I yam what I yam!  No matter how hard we tried we could not convince Madeline to  be Olive Oyl (can you imagine the cuteness???)
On duty.
 Ready to head out (in the rain and 40 degree weather)...
Maddy's pumpkin (with a bow, naturally).
Fall days spent coloring.
 So beautiful and delicate.  It was a perfect day.
 Project!  Stay tuned next week for what Maddy and I made!
Busy working on a picture find at lunch one day.  Such concentration!!

Happy Thursday everyone! xo

1 comment:

Shannon said...

That first picture is a keeper. of the best photos ever.