Thursday, October 4, 2012

Instagram Thursday!

It's Instagram Thursday everyone!  Let's do it.

Colorful reading (oh how I love fall and the orangey-ness of it all)!
 Shopping for baby clothes for a friend having a little boy.  This little raccoon face is on the fanny!  I die!
 Planning for our trip to London in the Spring.  It's been over 9 years since I've been there so I thought I'd buy a book (and this one is veddy, veddy cool) to catch up on some cool things to see and do.
 My passenger the other day.  Don't ask.
 New mani (OPI's Berlin There, Done That).  Seriously, I need to get a job naming nail polish.  So much fun.
 Car washes make me happy.
 Starting the weekend off right.
 Enjoying some awe-some BBQ at Dinosaur in Rochester with Maddy Girl (Jack felt that the one hour trip there was just too long so he hung with Grammy for the afternoon).
 While there I found this sweet fingerless glove (I think) in the road.
 Halloween costume was easy this year.
 An unmade bed earlier last week.  Outrageously unlike me.  And it bothered me.  All. day.
Until next week!  xo


Lesley said...

love that nail color!

Jenny said...

Thanks Lesley! And thanks for stopping by my blog!!