Monday, October 15, 2012

European Vacation

Even though our trip is 5 1/2 months away, I still like to get my planning on.  I like the kids to look over updated travel books to pick out places they'd like to visit, things they'd like to see.  And since it's been over 9 years since I've been to London and 5 to Paris I could use a refresher myself.  I like to buy updated books for wherever we go.  It serves as a good reference when I flag pages and take notes.  Helps to fill in the memories.

Right now the plan is 8 days away, 3 in Paris the rest in London.  I can't wait to blow up my Instagram feed with pictures of our trip.  I'm sure you can't wait either! ;-)

Lately I've been teaching them a little french, and a little British English (Banger and Mash anyone?).  They love it, think it's hilarious that a car hood is a bonnet and a trunk is a boot.  Maybe Maddy and I will take a day and speak in British accents while we're there, see what the locals think.

While I've made it a priority to travel with the kids (they've been to France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Spain and now UK), I want them to be appreciative of the gift they're being given.  The gift of other cultures, new food and exciting things to see.  I never made it to Europe until my husband and I took a month (!!) when I was 27.  I've made it a point to go back as often as possible ever since.  Side note:  How on earth did Type A me take a month off of work?  I have no idea.  He must have sedated me along the way.

So stay tuned for our spring trip, we can hardly wait!

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