Friday, August 24, 2012


Funny thing, totally unrelated to this post...

When Madeline was 2 or 3 she always wanted to do my hair.  She came up with a salon name "Mam's Hams".  I have no idea what it means or where the name came from, but when I was thinking of a name for this post (and how creative was I today??) it made me think of that.

Don't think I didn't get a weird look from the tech when I took a picture of the torture device...

I had a mammogram last week.  And it hurt.  It always hurts, I don't care what you say.  I've had three in my life (a baseline at 35, then a random one for some pain I was having, then a follow up to that one) and they hurt.  *oucha*

BUT, they're so very important.  Very, very, very important.  My friend Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, and after several months of chemotherapy, she had her mastectomy earlier this week.  Again...get your mammograms ladies.

Good news, all is well.  My results were great, no cancer.  Big sigh of relief.

So please do your best to keep up on those self breast exams (something I'm really bad about) and your annual exams with you gynecologist and your mammograms.  Earlier detection is so very key in so many female cancers.

And send some positive thoughts if you can to Michelle.  xo

P.S.  To read a few stories of some fierce women battling ovarian cancer, and one of someone who beat a rare uterine cancer, read here.  They're amazing women.

Ashley (I've blogged about her before...such a strong, amazing, inspirational woman).

Jennifer (Currently battling late stage ovarian cancer AND going through a nasty divorce and custody battle)

P.S.  While you're at it, maybe you could throw a prayer in for my Uncle Mike.  He's battling cancer right now and I believe in the power or prayer and positive thoughts.  You're the best! :)

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