Thursday, August 23, 2012

Instagram Thursday...

We have to stop meeting like this...

Anthropologie email that I fell in love with, took a screen pic and instagrammed it (go ahead, say it...I'm a loser)...
 Emma's red cowboy boots.  This 5 year old rocks these often and well.
 Stripes for days.
 Happy mail!  October Afternoon scrapbook goodies!
 Stormy days last week.  Not nearly enough rain though.
 I'm going to be doing some paint by number.  Yes I am.
 My brother replaced my mom's garage doors.  I somehow ended up helping.  It was just as hellish as you'd imagine it to be.
 Nail gun nails.
 Emma found a huge canvas for coloring courtesy of the huge garage door boxes!
 Ponytail holders.  I have more than I can count, yet I can never find one when I need one.
 Fabric.  Had to buy.  Will most likely never use.
 Pinatas!  For no reason whatsoever.
 PJs at Target.
 Buffalo wings.  Enough said.
A sweet yellow leaf.  
Have a great week lovers!

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