Thursday, August 9, 2012

Instagram Thursday, Thursday, THURSDAY!

Sit down, lay back, relax.  Enjoy this week's pics, my friends.
 You know me and cards...
 This boy is very busy.  Always putting something together (or taking it apart...and then putting it back together).
 Look who I found!
 Keepin' it real with simple, understated school supplies.
 Working on a glittery project.
 And stamping some more.
 Don't love the dentist.  Can't lie.  Love my dentist, hate seeing him.
 Jack got his uniform!  Yay for the first year of non burgundy.
 Gettin' my toes did.
 Jack and his gear.
 Pale fingers.
 Midnight snack.
 Retail therapy a la J.Crew.
 Part deux.
 Part trois.
Yay for weekend thunderstorms (we've needed rain for quite some time now)!

Have a great week sweet readers! xo

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