Monday, June 11, 2012


I had my surgery last Thursday.  I had what's called bladeless, or all laser Lasik.  It's basically where Femtosecond laser creates a thin, hinged flap which is moved to the side (hence the hinge) from my cornea so the laser can do its business.

Guys, crazy.  My mom watched the surgery while it was happening and she said it was amazing.  It's like a million bubbles form on my cornea, they join and make a flap that gets lifted.  No cutting.  No sutures.  The laser goes to work (20 seconds total) and they slide the corneal flap back.  My eye naturally sucks the flap back into place and voila!  I can see!

My doctor highly recommended what's called 'monovision' for my needs.  Basically I had one eye (my left eye, which was determined to be my dominant eye) lasered.  The other eye is left as my nearsighted eye.   By utilizing this option, I'll never need reading glasses (something I would need pretty much immediately after surgery as my nearsightedness would be gone).  Once you reach 40 your eyes kick into 'I can't see near mode' and even lasik can't correct that.  Soooo, a few weeks of adjustment will do the trick and I'll be as good as new!

It's amazing though. I wake up and I can see.  I haven't been able to see without glasses since the 3rd grade.  I could cry in gratitude for what science has given me.  My sight!

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